We are committed to creating value for minority shareholders and acting in their best interests.

PT. Integra Indocabinet Tbk.

PT. Integra Indocabinet Tbk.

Report of Annual Rating 2022
Change of Corporate Secretary
Discontinuation of Shelf Registered Bonds & Sukuk Mudharabah I Integra Indocabinet
Iklan Pengumuman Prospektus Ringkas Penawaran Umum Berkelanjutan Obligasi Berkelanjutan

lntegra lndocabinet Tahap I Tahun 2021 dan Penawaran Umum Berkelanjutan Sukuk Mudharabah Berkelanjutan Integra lndocabinet Tahap I Tahun 2021

IDX ESG Leaders Constituents

Initial Constituents of IDX ESG Leaders Index Des 2020

Appointment/Change of Public Accounting Firm and/or Public Accountant (CORRECT) [WOOD]

16 October 2020 09:44:58 Change of Supporting Profession

Shareholder Registration Monthly Report [WOOD]

07 September 2020 08:53:35 Monthly Report of Securities Holder Registration Changes in Shareholder Structure

Submission of Proof of Advertising Results of the AGMS [WOOD]

16 October 2020 09:44:58 Submission of Ad Proof