woodone integra indonesia

established in 2015

PT. Woodone Integra Indonesia was established in 2015 as a manufacturer of Wooden Door and other wood related products. We are a customer centric company. We always start our design and manufacturing process with our customers’ final need in mind. Our customer focus is to penetrate new export market while strengthening our position in Indonesian domestic market for Housing, Apartment, Hotel & other Mix Use Development projects.


The greatest strength of PT Woodone Integra Indonesia is the ideal and consistent approach to nurture forests, process handling and sales. This means PT Woodone Integra Indonesia is capable of growing the best suited trees with the final products in focus. The company passes along the warmth of wood which is deeply rooted in the lifestyles of Japanese people through its technology and ideas for the future.

Our product category is Engineered Doors. Our style is tailored to best suit our customer’s building concept and design. We are able to create products that give added value to our customers’ buildings. We employ the best manufacturing process with advanced machinery, sound and proven manufacturing process and professional work force.


We combine the best of both worlds: Internationally acclaimed Japanese TPM-Total Production Management process (such as Kanban system, Kaizen phillosophy, lean manufacturing process, 5S, etc) with the strength of Indonesian cost effective manufacturing & material availability base.

our product line


nature of business

We serve the domestic market and export mainly to UK, Belgium, Netherland and USA.



To ensure high quality & environmentally responsible products, PT Woodone Integra Indonesia is certified with SVLK.


PT. Woodone Integra Indonesia
Jl. Raya Betro 678, Sedati
Sidoarjo 61253
East Java, Indonesia

Phone. (+62) 31 891 0434 – 36
Fax. (+62) 31 891 1391