belayan river timber

established in 1997

PT Belayan River Timber is an incorporated company between PT Sahid Timber II with PT Belayan River Timber. The goals behind the integration of the two companies that hold Business License Timber Forest Products Management (IUPHHK – Izin Usaha Pengelolaan Hasil Hutan Kayu) are:

Maintain the sustainability of demand for round-wood as raw materials for plywood industry,
Provide continuous programs of forest and community development around the forest towards sustainable production of natural forest management,
Protect state assets in the form of forest resources and biodiversity,
Consider technical advantages based on how the two companies are geographically located directly adjacent to each other.

The integration was realized after the publication of incorporation principle from the Minister of Forestry on February 17th, 1997). The period of Business License Timber Forest Products Management (IUPHHK – Izin Usaha Pengelolaan Hasil Hutan Kayu) for PT Belayan River Timber is 55 years commencing since August 5, 1996 according to the end concession period of PT Sahid Timber II.

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We believe world’s natural resources must be renewable. To minimize environmental damage due to logging activities, PT Belayan River Timber always implements activities for responsible forest utilization that meet FSC® certification standards and has obtained FSC® C109061.


  • Plywood & Veneer Producing Companies

  • Furniture & Building Component Companies

At its early operation, PT Belayan River Timber was logging with Indonesian Selective Cutting (TPI – Tebang Pilih Indonesia) systems. The company later refined the system into Indonesian Selective Cutting and Planting (TPTI – Tebang Pilih Tanam Indonesia) to improve the environmental sustainability.

Forest products utilization activities done by PT Belayan River Timber are always carefully planned and supported by certified human resources and modern machinery, such as Theodolite, GPS and computerized system for data processing.


The site of PT Belayan River Timber is located in Kutai Kartanegara district, West Kutai district, East Kutai district, East Kalimantan – Indonesia. PT. Belayan River Timber is geographically located at 115°29’21,60” – 116°12’25,20” North Latitude and 0°32’25,20” – 0°56’03,00” East Longitude.